About Us

We are Treasure Life Family Farm

We are Daron and Kim Spicher from Yorkville Illinois.  We have 4 children and we live on a 10 acre hobby farm in far south Kendall County.  In 2012 we began to consider the idea of moving out of the subdivision we were living in to enjoy a more wide open space somewhere in the middle of the corn fields that line the countryside.

In the fall we had looked at a few properties that might have worked, but ended up buying the 10 acres we are on now.  With the economy searching for bottom it was a decent time to buy the 10 acres, but not an ideal time to sell the house we were living in at the time.   Over the next 5 years we would sell our house, spend 3 years living in a small townhouse, build our pole barn and then finally build the home we have on our small farm.  

2018 was our discovery year.   Kim studied and practiced market gardening with the effort normally reserved for earning a masters degree.   We built out infrastructure including a brooder house for our newly arrived poultry, built a run in shed that is a wash station for the market garden and built 4 chicken tractors as well.

Daron grew up on a wheat, barley and cattle farm in north central Montana before earning a computer science degree and moving on to a career in the computer software industry.   Today this is still his full time occupation while the hobby farm activity is a good change from the work cubicle, the meetings and the deadlines.   Building software and hobby farming go together quite nicely.

Kim grew up in Naperville and went to Taylor University to become a teacher.   She added on a masters degree in teaching and spent a dozen years teaching in the Naperville school system before deciding to stay home to raise her own kids as a full time mom.   As the years passed she gained a passion for the rural farming lifestyle and has done countless hours studying and trying the farming ideas she finds.   She has honed her skills of planting seed trays, getting a fantastic sprouting of the plants, putting them through a hardening off process and finally growing the finest produce we've ever eaten in our lives.   In addition to full time mom, she is full time home school teacher for our kids.   Before anyone else is up in the morning she has already fed and watered the laying hens, the broiler chickens and the turkeys.   It's a rewarding way of life and there is certainly something good for the soul when the hens greet you in the morning.  

Our children, Sydney, Craig, Isabella and Taylor, have all gained greatly from all of the chores and jobs found on our farm.   They are developing an appreciation for hard work and have learned how to build a run in shed, chicken tractors, and fill seed trays. This has been a hands-on experience for them every step of the way.  We are so thankful for God's many blessings in our lives and to have the opportunity to experience the adventure of farm life together.