Where to buy

$4.50 Per Dozen

Our eggs are currently available primarily at the roadside Egg Stand, and by working with us directly.   We can find the best way/time to get them to you that fits both our schedules.

#2020 note:  We replaced our hens in fall of 2019 and had some stray dogs break in to the chicken tractors to kill them all.   We've beefed up the tractors so predators shouldn't be able to get in again and the new hens arrived to us on January 6, 2020.   They should be laying eggs around May and we will be back on top of the egg production.   Thanks for your patience as we grow the new girls into beautiful laying hens.

#winter note:   The egg stand gets moved to the barn for the winter.   As soon as spring returns, we bring it back out by the road.  In the mean time if you want eggs, the chickens are still producing them strong.   Send us a message on the Contact Us page or give us a call at the phone number there and we can keep you supplied with some great eggs.

Our road side egg stand has an honor box system set up in a cute little road side stand along Plattville Road.  Just lift the lid and you will find a cooler with the egg cartons inside.  If the eggs have been sold out for the day we will place a sign reflecting that on the outside of the stand.  

Don't have exact change?  That's ok.   There is now a dish with quarters and business cards by the pay box in case someone needs change for a $5.   We accept cash, checks, and even credit cards through PayPal.   If it doesn't come out even on your visit, please just try to remember if we owe you or you owe us on your next visit and try your best to keep it squared up.


hand gathered free range non gmo Eggs

World Class Farm Fresh Eggs

Our premium eggs are delivered daily by some of the best looking Golden Buff hens you will ever see.  Our 28 girls give us over two dozen beautiful nutrient dense eggs a day.

We utilize a 6' nesting box from the Seven Sons HenGear line to insure the eggs are safely hidden from the chickens after being laid so other chickens can then rotate in to deliver their egg next.

We followed John Suscovich's latest model for building our chicken tractors but knew we would want to put some money into having permanent wheels that we could raise and lower with the pull of a handle.   Once we had that going it became clear that we needed wheels in the front as well.  After 2 iterations of design and build we have wheels in the front that swivel as well as roll along.   

For the Laying Hens we wanted to far exceed the recommended square feet of space per chicken.  A single tractor with that much space would be difficult to move, so we have basically two which are side by side with passage ways between.   It is amazing to see how fast they can go between the two when they perceive there is a treat being served in the other side.



Nutrition Facts

Be amazed at the difference between our eggs and store bought eggs

Just look at the yolks.   Eggs from chickens that get a great deal of their daily intake from grass, dandelion leaves, garden kale and yummy ol' bugs have a darker more orange looking yolk than most people are used to eating.

Besides the look and harder shell feel of the eggs, the nutrition advantages to eggs raised in this manner are quite impressive.   

The nutrition charts we've found that compare pasture raised eggs to store bought eggs show a more nutrient dense egg composition.

Vitamin E

  • Pasture Egg 7.37 mg
  • Standard Egg 0.97 mg

Vitamin A

  • Pasture 763 IU
  • Standard 487 IU

Beta Carotene

  • Pasture 76.2 mcg
  • Standard 10 mcg


  • Pasture 10,200 mcg
  • Standard 47 mcg


  • Pasture 0.71 g
  • Standard 0.033 g


  • Pasture 292 mg
  • Standard 423 mg

Saturated Fat

  • Pasture 2.31 g
  • Standard 3 g

We've been discussing the possibility that store bought eggs 75 years ago probably were closer to the pasture raised eggs of today.   The move to commercialize the egg industry and drive every possible cost out of the system has also driven most of the goodness from the eggs found in most supermarket coolers.

         Golden Buff Egg-Layer

         Golden Buff Egg-Layer

It's the Feed

The balanced diet is key

We've taken a lot of our cues from Joe Salatin.   His books and online information were an important reference for us.  

We went to all whole Non-GMO grains to achieve a unmedicated, hormone free mix.  We were never confident that such additives were not in bags of feed we would otherwise buy at our farm store.

We are able to get a lot of the grains within an hour drive of our farm.  We are continuing to look for a soybean roaster closer to home so we don't need to drive to Iowa for that one again.

We crack the roasted non-gmo soybeans and non-gmo corn with a hammermill grinder, then add the other grains and ingredients to the batch.   

Our feed recipe contains only:

  • Non-gmo corn for carbs
  • Non-gmo roasted soybeans for protein
  • Oats for protein and fiber
  • Organic fish meal for vitimins, minerals and protein
  • Poultry Nutri-Balancer for vitimins and minerals
  • Feed grade limestone for calcium
  • Kelp meal for minerals

 While our hens have the grain that chickens like to eat, they are busy all day eating grass, weeds and bugs. This is important because the grass contains chlorophyll which is a natural cleanser and detoxicant and a good supply of energy straight from nature.

For a treat, the hens regularly get over ripe organically grown salad and kale which is like giving a kid candy.  They really get excited when we bring these extras to their house.