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Treasure Life Family Farms

To be picked up at: 7650 Plattville Road, Yorkville, Illinois 60560, United States

Pricing 1. You pick live chicken $17.00 2. On Farm Processed chicken $17.00 $5 non-refundable deposit per chicken required to hold your birds.


 In case we lose chickens to predators or sickness that have deposits on them, we will refund the deposit and let you know as soon as possible so you can find other chickens for your needs. 

Concern:   At fixed price, I don't want to have last pick of chickens which may be smaller or for some reason last-picks.   Answer:  We process more chickens than reserved and we have a steady customer who wants the remainder after the other reservations have had a chance to pick chickens on processing day.  

Free Range broiler chickens

Taste the natural goodness

In the first two years doing meat chickens we've learned what we need to know.   We don't like the aggressive growth of the cornish cross.   We've had 3 or 4 other breeds and have settled in on Freedom Rangers for our meat birds going forward.  

After 3 weeks in summer weather, and 4 weeks in cooler weather they are old enough to live outside in one of our chicken tractors.

They roam freely inside thePremier 1 electric netting and in/out of the chicken tractor all day and huddle up together to sleep at night.   They have a tarp to protect from too much direct / hot sun and a breeze of fresh air all around.   They spend the day pecking and scratching and eating the bugs, weeds and grass.   We move their tractor 3 times a day to keep them on fresh pasture as much as possible.

They have a grain supplement to eat also.   More detailed description of our grain feed is found under the turkey description, just to say it is an on-farm ground mix specifically adjusted for the meat chickens and tweaked some for the age of the birds.

There are no antibiotics, GMO feeds or anything unnatural in their diet.   The fields they roam are not sprayed with anything.

In addition to all the good feed they get already, items in our market garden do not always get eaten up by people and the chickens just love the left over salad greens and kale we bring to them.